Brenda Gail Miller Pickle

My little Brenda was born 30 October 1970. Brenda was always very independent and didn't want help from anyone except, perhaps, her big brother, Billy. Beginning when she was little she would be in the livingroom with the rest of the family and then about 9:00 pm she would disappear. I would invariably find her in her bed sound asleep.

Now she might go to bed earlier than the rest of us, but there was no telling just how long she would stay asleep. There was many nights that I would get up and would have stepped on her if she hadn't drug around her old Bwanket. Bwanket was a white baby blanket with wide satin ribbon fringe around it. The white blanket saved her many times. Brenda was a sleep walker. Not only would she walk in her sleep, but at times you could carry on conversations with her. Most of the time I would find her on the floor in the hall and sometimes in a closet. She would have her bwanket covering her and her hideous orange doll that was stuffed with those styrofoam beads.