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Bobby Popped Out of His Jar

May 28, 1990

Bobby came to us on May 28, 1990, just fifteen months after Ash was born. He was blonde and fair and the "spitting image" of his dad, Danny. Mr, D and I thank God and our daughter, Brenda for this wonderful addition to our lives!

Bobby for a while with his paternal grandparents, Robert and Donna Pickle (MawMaw & PawPaw). Since we live less than a mile from there, Ashley and Bobby got to see each other often.

In 1998, Robert, Donna, Mr. D, and I all went in together and bought him his very own "best friend," Little Man. He was a great surprise because he had been wanting a puppy "just like Ashley's Austin" which is a red Miniature Pincher. It happened sort of by accident when Ash and I were on our way back from Tyler and we came to the place where we got Austin. I asked Ash if she wanted to stop and see what Mrs. Smith had in the way of puppies. Of course she is always ready to look at puppies, or cats, or anything else she can drag home. Well, we stopped and asked Mrs. Smith if she had any Min-Pins and as luck would have it, she had one red male that turned out to be a half brother to Austin. Of course, Ash was ready to take him home right away, but first I had to call Donna and Robert and see if they would let us bring him home. Well, the rest is history, Little Man, became a member of the family right away. Unfortunately, Little Man got very sick on a trip to Iowa to visit Tammy, Bobby's aunt. Little Man spent most of the time in the hopital up there and died in Bobby's arms on the way home. We were all devastated, but I think it hit Robert the hardest

Bobby is our swimmer, where Ashley is our traveler. Oh, she likes to swim, and he likes to travel as well, but he LOVES to swim and she LOVES to travel! Strangely enough, Mr. D, who can't swim at all taught both kids to swim.

In April, 2000, we all took a trip to Colorado. Although Ash had been several times, Bob had never been and wanted to go. We had planned to go a few years back, but just before we got into Colorado, a huge snow storm came and we turned down into New Mexico instead and visited Carlsbad Caverns. Luck was with us in April though and we saw Mesa Verde National Park and Durango. We took loads of photos and had a great time.

In 2005 Bobby's beloved PawPaw passed away quite suddenly and we have all grieved and our loss is great, but Donna and Bobby felt the loss much more that the rest of us did.

Our Bobby will be 18 May 28th and is quite a guy. Visit his photo page below.


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