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Thanks for dropping by! Wayne Miller and I were married 19 October 1965. Our first child, Bobby Wayne Miller was born Feb. 16, 1966 and did not survive. Billy Wayne Miller was born 23 August 1967. His sister, Brenda Gail was born 30 October 1970. Brenda has given us Ashley and Bobby. Ashley, was born 3 March 1989. Bobby was born just 15 months later 28 May 1990. Ashley has added to our family with 3 sons, Rylie Ashton, Bryer Layne and Braylee Beau. Rylie is nearly 13, Bryer is nearly 11 and Beau is nearly 8.


Due to some health problems I have suffered after being involved in an automobile accident in 1999, and another one in October of 2005, I am unable to work or do much. I volunteer some of my time to historical and genealogical records preservation. I volunteer my time to the TXGenWeb, ALGenWeb and TNGenWeb hosting some of their county web sites. My friend, Patsy Vinson, and I currently host Van Zandt County, Texas, Wood County, Texas, Rains County, Texas, Pickens County, Alabama and Hancock County, Tennessee.

Our son, Billy, has two beautiful children, Macie Jordyn Miller and Parker Layne Miller. Since he and their mother are divorced, we don't get to see them as much as we would like to. Billy joined the army in 1985. He took his Boot Camp training at Ft. Dix, New Jersey (that was a trip when we visited him for graduation). He then served in Ft. Benning, GA and spent his last 'stretch' at Ft. Polk, LA. He now lives in Tyler, Texas and works for Kidd Jones based in Chandler, Texas. He is marrying a very nice woman who loves his kids and is interested in all of the things that Billy is interested in like hunting and fishing.

I have "fooled" with animals my entire life. I operated a very successful business in Canton, Texas for 12 years. Health reasons and the desire to home school Ashley led me to allow my "adopted" daughter, Cynthia Miller Davis to take over the business. I have extensive training in all types of software applications. A friend and I currently offer free beginner computer classes in various locations throughout the county. I have not been able to do nearly as much since another auto accident caused me more back and neck problems. I now am very limited to the time I can spend at a computer (I hate not being able to "compute" for hours at a time).

Mr. D has held various positions with law enforcement agencies through out Van Zandt County, Texas. He began his career in law enforcement in 1975 at Grand Saline Police Department. After four years with Grand Saline and attaining the position of Asst. Chief, he left and went to work for the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department. Within 2 years he had become Chief Deputy for Sheriff Travis Shafer. He left the sheriff's department in 1986 to go into private investigation. In December of1988 he returned to the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department as Chief Deputy to Sheriff Pat Jordan. In December of 1991 he became the Chief Investigator for the Van Zandt County District Attorney's Office for Criminal District Attorney, John A. Sickel, Jr. In 1994, when a new District Attorney was appointed, the entire staff of the Dstrict Attorney's office was relieved of their duties. "Wayne" and another employee of the DA's office went back in to private investigation. He maintained his police officer's certification for several years and offered for many years Concealed Handgun License Courses in a "class" room that we have converted from a 2 car carport. This room also functions as our "computer room".

We live on a small farm outside of Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas. This farm has been in my family for generations. My ancestors originally purchased the land with "share cropping" proceeds.

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