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The lady in the left photograph is my maternal grandmother, Mattie Viola HODGE LEDBETTER. "Maw" was born 10 June 1903 in Henderson County, Texas. She died 1 April, 1991 in Van Zandt County, Texas and is buried beside her husband, Columbus Clear Ledbetter in Haven of Memories Memorial Park in Canton, Van Zandt County, Texas. The lady in the right photograph is my "Ola's" baby sister, Lela HODGE FEATHERSTON. "Aunt Lela" was born in Henderson County, Texas and married Robert FEATHERSTON. She and Robert are buried in Wood County, Texas.

Miss B's Hodge/Heddins Family History

The information that has been included in this Family History outline is a result of many hours of research by either myself or other researchers related to "other branches" of this particular family tree. I have sought to verify as much of the information as I could by reviewing original documents and census records. However, much of this information has been taken at "face value" from other researchers who are in possession of certain original documents. Much of this information has been supplied by Barbara Knox a long time Hodge researcher and author of a book about Robert Hodge, Sr. Again, this information is as accurate as I can make it, but should always be used as a tool, and not as gospel. The names of the individuals who are of my direct lineage have been listed in a different color from the regular text of this outline in an effort to improve clarity.

1. Henry Hodge, Sr. (b. ca. 1750; d. 10 Feb. 1824, Livingston Co., KY)

A. Married 1st. Catherine Bryant in 1774 Halifax County, N.C. Children of this marriage are listed below:

2. Robert Hodge, Sr.; 3. Sarah Hodge; 4. William Hodge; 5. Henry Hodge, Jr.; 6. James Hodge; 7. Ollen Hodge.

B. Married 2nd. Sarah (Cotton) Barnes (b. 1751; d. 16 Apr 1831) Halifax Co., N.C. Children of this marriage are listed below:

8. Maria (Mariah) Hodge; 9. Marina Hodge; 10. Peyton Randolph Hodge.

2. Robert Hodge, Sr. (b. 1775 N.C. d. 1845 Livingston Co., KY)

A. Married 1st. Nellie Northern in 1793 Edgecombe Co., N.C. (daughter of William Northern) Children of this marriage are listed below.

11. Josiah Bryant (Joe) Hodge b. 1794; 12. Lucy Hodge b. ca 1798; 13. Berry Hodge b. ca 1799; 14. Henry (Harry) Hodge b. 1802; 15. Blount Hodge b. 28 May 1804; 16. Edwin Hodge b. 1805; 17. Robert Hodge, Jr.; 18. William Northern Hodge b. 1 Jan 1811.

B. Married 2nd. Sarah (Sallie) Armistead (b. 1793 d. ca 1826 Livingston Co., KY) in 1813. Children of this marriage are listed below:

19. Catherine Hodge; 20. Nelm (Nellie) Ann Hodge b. ca 1815; 21. Collin (Col) Hodge b. 22 Feb 1816; 22. Washington S. (Wash) Hodge b. 1818; 23. Jeremiah Nellums (Nelliums) Hodge b. 1826

C. Married 3rd. Elizabeth Gardiner 13 Nov 1828 Livingston Co., Ky. No children of this marriage have been found.

14. Henry (Harry) Hodge b. 1802 Livingston Co., KY. d. ca 1847.

A. Married Sara D. (Sally) Rutter (b. 1802 Livingston Co., KY. daughter of James Rutter and Gatreve Patterson Rutter) 30 July 1823. Children of this marriage are listed below:

24. Darien Hodge; 25. Warren Hodge; 26. Berry Hodge; 27. Caroline (Carrie) Hodge; 28. Richard (Rich) Hodge b. 1838 Livingston Co., KY.

24. Darien Hodge b. 1824 Livingston Co., KY.

A. Married Elizabeth Gray (b. 1830) 12 Feb 1845 in Caldwell Co., KY. Children of this marriage are listed below:

29. Henry Hodge b. 1848, Livingston Co., KY; 30. Isaac G. Hodge b. 1866 Henderson Co., TX d. Henderson Co., Texas.

30. Isaac G. Hodge; b. 1866 Henderson Co., Texas d. Henderson Co., Texas

A. Married Sarah Lee Heddins (b. 23 Oct 1870 Van Zandt Co., Texas d. 8 Jan 1939 Henderson Co., Texas) Children of this marriage are listed below:

31. Alzie Hodge (m. James Conway Sr. died in Iowa Park, TX); 32. Florence Hodge (m. Arthur Scott, buried in Cottonwood Cemetery, Wood County, TX); 33. Mattie Viola (Ola) Hodge (m. Columbus Clear Ledbetter); 34. Lela Hodge (m. Robert Featherston); 35. Bert Lee Hodge, Sr. (m. Addie Griggs)

33. Mattie Viola (Ola) Hodge, (b. 10 June 1903, Henderson Co., Texas; d. 1 April 1991 Van Zandt Co. Texas) Buried in Haven of Memories Memorial Park, Canton, Van Zandt Co., Texas.

A. Married Columbus Clear Ledbetter (b. 1899 Pickens Co., AL; d. 1959 Dallas Co., Texas) Buried in Haven of Memories Memorial Park, Canton, Van Zandt Co., Texas. Children of this marriage are listed below:

36. Cecil Horace Ledbetter (m. Jerline Reynolds); 37. Oma Dell Ledbetter (m. 1st. John Orchard in California. 2nd. Jim Hamilton in California, buried in Upshur County, TX); 38. Edna Ruth Ledbetter (b. 1925 d. 1993) m. Billie Joe Teal Van Zandt Co., TX in 1945; 39. Roy Patrick ledbetter (b. 1925 twin to Edna Ruth) married LaVerne Davis. **Note: all children of "Tab" and "Ola" Ledbetter with the exception of Oma Adell (buried in Upshur Co., Texas) are buried in Haven of Memories Memorial Park, Canton, Van Zandt Co., Texas.

Family Histories of Henderson County, Texas

furnished by Barbara Nichols; transcribed by B. Miller

Barbara Nichols sent me the following information concerning my Heddins Ancestors:

James Heddins Family

James (Jim) Heddins was born 26 Oct 1824 near Delaware, OH. He was a son of Josiah "Isaiah" and Salome Carpenter Heddins. In the 1840's their family moved to Coles Co., IL and lived near Charleston.

On 28 Feb 1850, James married Clarinda (Clara) Lee Brewster, a daughter of Thomas and Martha Brewster. Clara was born 17 Dec 1831 in Grayson Co., KY.

Jim and Clara Heddins were farmers and began their family in Coles Co., IL. Jim and Clara had these two children born there: Elmira Ann Heddins (b. 2 Jan 1851) and Thomas Jeffries Heddins (b. 2 Aug 1852 d. 15 Dec 1871). James and his family moved to Van Zandt Co., TX in late 1852 or 1853 in a wagon train, and the following children were born there: Drucilla Adelia Heddins (b. 6 Apr 1854 d. 17 Dec 1872); William Rufus Heddins (b. 31 Mar 1856 d. 24 Oct 1868); Isaiah Lafayette Heddins (b. 25 Dec 1857 d. 18 Apr 1918); Oscar Winnfield Heddins (b. 28 Jul 1859); John Dennis Heddins (b. 16 Feb 1861); Martha Arbela Heddins (b. 23 Nov 1862); James Marion Heddins (b. 26 Dec 1864, d. 17 Jan 1962) Sarah Lee Heddins (b. 23 Oct 1870, d. 8 Jan 1939).

On 26 Aug 1856, Jim and his family settled on 160 acres in southern Van Zandt County. There they homesteaded, and on 11 Oct 1859, Jim received the final land grant title issued by the State of Texas.

On 4 Oct 1870, Jim and Clara Heddins bought 160 acres of land south of Walton, in Northern Henderson Co., and also 320 acres in southern Van Zandt Co. Then on 6 Apr 1871 Jim and Clara sold their 160 acre "Heddins Survey."

Clarinda died 27 Sept 1873 at the age of 42 years. She was buried on their land, about 2/10 mile south of the county line in Henderson Co., (off the west side of hwy 19). James Heddins died about 7 years later at the age of 57, on 24 Jan 1881. He was buried next to Clara.

On 28 Oct 1880, Elmira Heddins married P. Marion Hall. On 6 Mar 1881, Isaiah Lafayette Heddins married Julia Ann Ballard (b. 9 Feb 1860), a daughter of Joshua and Louisa Boulton Ballard. Isaiah and julia raised their family in the Crooked Creek community, north of Canton. Isaiah was the only of Jim and Clara's to carry on the Heddins name.

They had thirteen children: stillborn son (b/d 22 Dec 1881); Mary "Effie" Heddins (b. 1 Jan 1883, d. 1 Feb 1944); Arron Heddins (Effie's stillborn twin sister); Thomas Lafayette Heddins (b. 30 Sep 1884, d. 21 Dec 1954); John Ivan Heddins (b. 7 Apr 1887, d. 16 Aug 1965); James Joshua Heddins (b. 3 Feb 1889, d. 13 Mar 1985); Albert William Heddins (b. 11 May 1891, d. 25 Jun 1970); Allen R. Heddins (Albert's twin brother, d. 6 Jun 1894); Charlie Heddins (b. Sep 1892); Joseph Isaiah Heddins (b. 27 Sep 1895 d. 9 Aug 1946) Marion Odell Heddins (b. 26 Jan 1897, d. 14 Nov 1977); stillborn son (Marion's twin); Jefferson "Wesley" Heddins (b. 3 Oct 1902, d. 22 Jun 1975).

On 3 July 1882, Jim and Clara's daughter Martha, m. T. C. Oliver. On 17 Aug 1890; Sarah Lee Heddins m. Isaac G. Hodge. Sarah d. on 8 Jan 1939 and was buried at Ash Cemetery, near Athens.

Oscar Winnfield Heddins apparently died sometime between 1885 and 1900. John Dennis heddins and James Marion Heddins were both life long batchelors.

John died in Grand Prairie, and J. M. Heddins died in Dallas on 17 Jan 1926. Roland Heddins (great-grandson of John I. Heddins).

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