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We hope to offer assistance to you.

Having problems with your software? You know, that wonderful, easy, time saving software, that you thought you couldn't live without? Check the list below and see if Miss B or someone on her crew can offer help and assistance with some of the more popular software that is on the market today. Some of the software comes preloaded on your computer, so it's not really your fault, is it? Then sometimes we make a conscious decision to actually purchase some particular software, that's when you're REALLY in trouble! Remember, most of the time, you don't need a computer repairman, all you need is someone to give you a little boost in the right direction and someone to give your software a jump-start, and sometimes, you just need someone to point to the correct place to plug that "little thingy" into the back of your computer. We can help with all these things. The list below includes a brief description of the particular software that Miss B's Place can probably help you with.

We offer assistance in the following areas:

Intuit accounting related software including most versions of "Quicken" and "Quicken Home and Business", QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, and all versions of TurboTax (an IRS approved tax preparation software).

Miss B is also familiar with other word processing software, such as Microsoft Word..

Microsoft Excel

Adobe PageMill

Microsoft FrontPage

WordPerfect Office Suite - as well as other versions of WordPerfect.

Internet Browsers including Mozillz Firefox, Internet Explorer. Bing.

Most Photography enhancement and scanning software including Paperport, Adobe Photoshop elements (all versions), Microsoft Digital Image, Paint Shop Pro 8.0 and Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Miss B and her crew also make house calls. They will assist you in setting up your new computer, install your software for you and make sure it is set up correctly. They will then give detailed instructions to you on the use of the particular software that you use most often.

For more information as well as prices and appointments contact

Miss B:

or call: (903)312-2383

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