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Web Building Links

The following links are part of my policy of "giving credit where credit is due." These fine folkshave put in countless hours 
creating web sets like the one on this page and many of the other pages. Please visit these folks and see what they have to 
offer you!
    Blackat's Web Gaphics
  Castleberry Arts

Other Interesting Links

These links consist of many interesting sites that I have found on the Internet. They are as varied as my interests are.

 Morning Side Books. New, rare, and out of print books as well as historical art prints gallery, maps, gettysburg  magazine articles, and much more.

New Handbook of Texas

Official Cherokee Nation Web Site

A Beka Book Home School Curriculum

State of Texas Web Site

 Texas Education Agency - gives lots of information about Home Schooling and other education matters.
 Rainbow Meadow - soapmaking, skin care, and candle making supplies.
 Sweet Cakes - fragrances for your soaps, skin care items and candles.
 National Parks Service - a web site concerning our national parks and information about them.

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