Macie Jordyn Miller


Macie Jordyn Miller (23 March 2008)

Our beloved little Macie was born 31 March, 2003. Billy, our son, waited until he was 36 before settling down with Crystal. She had 3 children by previous marriages. We had all just "assumed" that he would never have children. Now our precious little Macie is here and we thought she was beautiful from the start.

Macie is getting ready to celebrate her birthday (31 March). She is our sweet baby, Since she is the youngest, it is going to be difficult to let her go when it is time for her to start school. When she was a baby they had a terrible time keeping her from eating the dog and cat food. I had to be warned when she was coming to visit so I could put mine up as well.

Macie was greeted by her siblings, Cody Young, Brittany Young, and Parker Layne Miller. Parker, Cody and Brittany are school age children so they are away most days, but Crystal has her hands full with Macie.

I believe Macie will be left handed like her dad and I. She does most of her eating with her left hand and she usually extends it first when reaching for something. Crystal says if she is left handed then Billy and I will need to teach her things the left handed way when she starts school.

Macie has beautiful dark curls and as you can see from the photo above, is very lovely. I think she is the most shy of my grand children. Before Macie came along, Bobby was my shy one.

On the 13th of April, 2005, our little Macie crushed her right thumb. She was at her Nannaw's house (Crystal's mother is Nannaw and I am NeeNee) playing outside with her brother, Parker. She was getting out of a chair and lost her balance. She put her right hand down on the concrete and at the same time a large landscaping rock that was in a wheelbarrow fell out and landed on her right thumb. When the ER Doctor saw the x-ray he was at a loss what to do it was so crushed so he called an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand restoration. During this entire process of placing her crushed thumb in the splint like it was supposed to be, Macie never cried. She just sat there and watched every move that doctor made. He was amazed by her bravery. The next day (on her mother's birthday) she had surgery on her right thumb. When the doctor got her anesthesized he looked at the damage with a scope and found it was much worse than he had thought. The tendon on the top of her thumb was completely crushed and severed. She is our brave, brave little girl. During this entire ordeal, she has not cried. All she wants to do is watch everything the doctor does to her. She watches and gives him directions making sure he didn't leave any wrinkles in the cast wrapping.

Macie has since had surgery at the Scottish Right hospital in Dallas. Her thumb did not heal like it should making the surgery necessary. Since she was so young when this happened, the doctor says she doubts if Macie will ever know she did something to her thumb.

It seems that the doctor was right because she uses her right thumb when she needs to just like she had never hurt it.

Photos of Macie.

Macie 04 June 2007

Macie about 6 months old.

Macie, learning to walk. Notice her beautiful curls!

Miss Macie using a VHS tape for a purse. Her mom tells us that if she can't find her favorite purse, she will take a tape out of it's case and pull some of the tape out and use it for her purse handle! There's no telling just how many tapes she has messed up to the point of no return.

Macie and big Bubba, Parker.

Little Macie in my front yard with Maggie's (my cocker spaniel) red football.

Macie sleeping 2007.

Mom and Dad (Crystal and Billy).

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