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(1) Teal, Joseph (b. 1800, North Carolina d. unknown date in Mississippi), married first: Macy ? and second: Rebecca Treadway (b. 1824, North Carolina d. unknown date in Mississippi) in North Carolina.

1850 Anson Co., NC census lists the following: Joseph Teal (age 50, M, Farmer, NC); Macy Teal (age 48, F, wife); Miles W. Teal (age 18, M, son); Lewis Teal (age 19, M. son); William Teal (age 16, M, son); Franklin Teal (age 15, M, son); John Teal (age 13, M, son); Alexander Teal (age 9, M, son); Joseph P. Teal (age 7, M, son)

1860 Anson Co., NC census lists the following: Joseph Teal (age 60, M, Miller, NC); Rebecca (?) Treadaway Teal (age 35, F, wife Farm Laborer); Alexander Teal (age 20, M, son); Preston Teal (age 18, M, son); Martha Treadaway (age ??, F. step-daughter); William Treadaway (age 4, M, step-son); Mason Teal (age 3, M, son); Sasy Teal (age 1, F, daughter)

1880 Mississippi Census shows: Joseph Teal (age 80, W/M, farmer, born N.C.); Rebecca Teal (age 50, W/F, Wife); Mason Teal (age 23, W/M, son, farming, N.C.); Adaline Teal (this is probably "Sasy" age 18, W/F, daughter, NC) Rebecca Treadaway Teal's former husband owned a Mill.)

(2) Teal, Mason Edward (b. 9 Jan 1856 North Carolina d. 13 Nov 1934, Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas buried in Creagleville Cemetery Van Zandt County, TX), son of above married Mattie Lear (b. 26 Mar 1866 Mississippi d. 22 Mar 1906 Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas; daughter of Lehr, John P., Sr. (b. ca 1772-Germany d. 31 Dec. 1847) married Trecilla (Daniel?) (b. ca 1787 d. 1863 in North Carolina. John P. Lehr, Sr. is buried in Huntsville, Walker County, Texas. His grave is said to be about twenty (20) feet from the grave of Sam Houston, but this is unconfirmed.

Children of above: Clarence Teal (b&d as a child in Mississippi, no other information); Mance Edward Teal (M. E. Teal, Jr., b 1887 in Mississippi, d. Texas 1937, m. Dora White); Joseph Peston Teal (b. 21 December 1888 in Mississippi, d. 18 Feb. 1946, Van Zandt Co., Texas, m. Ethel Long[19 November 1890-1961]); Lela Teal (b.1891 d. 1913, single), Florida Teal (b. 1893, d. ???) William Walter Teal (b. 1896 Mississippi, d. Tx. 1972, m. Ruby L. Hines [no children]); Louis Southworth Teal (or Southward) (b. Mississippi 1899, d. TX 1958, m. Blanche Skiles [1900-1983]); Sparkman Thomas Teal (b. Mississippi 3 Jan 1903, d. TX 3 Mar 1968, m. Ruby K. Alexander [b. 1910, no children]); Johnnie I. Teal (b. Mississippi 6 October 1905 d. 16 August 1906)

Information confirmed by 1900 Census of Sunflower County, Mississippi page 340.

(3) Teal, Joseph Preston (b. 21 Dec 1888 Mississippi d. 18 Feb 1946 Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas), son of Mason and Mattie, married Ethel Long (b. 19 Nov 1890 d. 1961 Dallas Co., Texas) daughter of Thomas E. Long (b. 9 Sep 1855, Texas d. 16 Mar 1932, VZCo., TX) and Nettie Hollis (b. 15 Jun 1861 Texas d. 23 Jun 1926 VZCo., TX) 12 March, 1912. Thomas & Nettie were married 7 Aug 1879 in Hopkins Co., Texas. Joe and Ethel had two children, Billie Joe Teal and Nani Lou Teal Minatrea. "Joe" and "Ethel" are buried in Creagleville Cemetery, Van Zandt County, Texas. Thomas and Nettis Hollis Long are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, VZCo., Texas.

(4) Teal, Billie Joe (b. 26 Nov 1921 in Texas) son of Joe and Ethel, married Edna Ruth Ledbetter (b. 23 Dec 1925 Henderson County, Texas d. 3 Nov 1993 Van Zandt County, Texas) 22 Dec 1945 in Van Zandt County, Texas. "Ruth" is buried in Haven of Memories Cemetery, Van Zandt County, Texas. They had one daughter, Betty Louise.

(5)Betty Louise Teal (b. 18 Nov 1946 in Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas) married Delton Wayne Miller (b. 25 Mar 1946 in Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas) on 19 October 1965. They had three children, Bobby Wayne Miller (b. 17 Feb 1966 d. 18 Feb 1966 Grand Saline, Van Zandt County, Texas, buried in Woodside Cemetery, Van Zandt County, Texas), Billy Wayne Miller (b. 23 Aug 1967, m (1) Sharon ? in Louisiana ca 1988; m (2) Chryltal Gray Young ca 2002) and Brenda Gail Miller Pickle (b. 30 Oct 1970, m. Danny Earl Pickle 31 October 1989), and four (4) grand children. Ashley Gayle Pickle (Wade) (b. 3 Mar 1989) and Bobby Earl Pickle (28 May 1990) both belong to Brenda Gail Miller-Pickle. Parker Layne Miller (b. Parker Layne Waters, 29 March 2001; adopted December 2002), and Macie Jordyn Miller (b. 31 March 2003) belong to Billy Wayne Miller. Rylie Ashton Wade belongs to Ashley Gayle Pickle (Wade) is my g-grandson.

Teal, M. E., Jr. "Mance" (b. 1887 d. 1937) married Dora White (b. 1894 d 1983). Children are as follows:

Teal, Marylene [(1913-1991) married Adolphus J. Bailiff (1912-1998) Children - Gwendolyn Janice Bailiff (1932 m. Sherman E. Hughes b. 1928); Carolyn Jean Bailiff (1934 m. Bobby Jack Western b. 1931); A. Judson Bailiff (b. 1941 m. Dian Heathman b. 1943)]; Teal, Paul M. (b. 1921 d. 1992 married Bonnie Lou Goggans (1923) Children: Dennis Wayne Teal (b. 1951 married 1st. unknown; 2nd. Lou Ann Gullett (b. 1953); 3rd. unknown; Walter Travis Teal son of Dennis Wayne Teal and Lou Ann Gullett; Teal, Lela Geneva (b. 1926 single, d. ca 2006 in Van Zandt County, Texas); Teal, Claudia Jean (b. 1930). Married J. W. Melton (b. 1925 d 2001). Children: Brenda Sharon Melton (b. 1954 m. Eldon Eberhart b. 1952); Linda Karon Melton (b. 1959 m. Terry Rich b. 1957).

Teal, William Walter (b. 1896 d. 1972) married Ruby L. Hines (b. 1903 d. 1987) no children.

Teal, Lewis Southward (b. 1899 d. 1958) married Blanche Skiles (b. 1900 d. 1983). Children: Edward J. Teal (b. 1923 d. 1980 m. Ardry Chrismon b. 1924); Thelma Ruth Teal (b. 1938 d. 1990) single.

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