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Our precious little Parker came to us in a different way than the rest of our grandchildren, but that doesn't make us love him any less. Parker was about 5 months old when our son, Billy met his mother, Crystal. The very first time I saw him I fell in love with him because of his great smile and the meanness overflowing from his eyes. Billy was able to adopt Parker in December of 2002 and he became ours for sure and we were all so very happy. I realize that he's not smiling in the picture above, but he really does have a beautiful smile.

Parker now is quite a young man and has started to school. His NeeNee was the only person who believed that he would do well in school. He has always had a great interest in "writing" letters. I talked to him shortly after he started to school and he told me: "I'm going to school now, so I can write you a letter and then come visit you and read it to you." That made me want to cry I was so happy.

We don't get to see Billy's 'kids' as much as we would like simply because of work schedules and other logistic problems, but we are glad that they are now on the internet so we can at least communicate on a regular basis.

Photos of Parker:

Parker in 2006 with his bandaid on his forehead.

Parker's baby photos.

Pre-School Parker

Parker's most recent photos.

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