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Recipe Hand-Me-Downs from the Past

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Some of these recipes have been handed down from my ancestors, and have been "updated" to suit my family's taste over time. I am a "recipe" collecter and some have been given to me by friends and other family members. I also am an avid reader of "Taste of Home" magazine and have gotten some of them from this wonderful source. I have tried all of these recipes and will guarantee that they are delicious! I have authored seven cookbooks and am currently working on another two; one of my maternal grandmother's recipes (she too was an avid recipe collector) and another of my mother's collection of recipes.

Breads - Rolls, loaf bread, spoonbread, and bread machine breads.

Salads - for all occaisions.

Main Dishes, Entrees and Casseroles

Desserts - if you're looking for low calorie, don't go here!

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